Specialized Therapeutic Offender Programming

Women’s Domestic

Violence Program

What it is:

A 20 week group that takes a cognitive behavioral approach to exploring and eliminating women's abusive behaviors within the context of an intimate relationship. The first and final week of the program will consist of an individual appointment.

Who it is for:

Women aged 18 and older who have committed a domestic violence offense. Women who use violence as retaliation for abuse they have endured are appropriate for this group. Women who are primary aggressors, or who acted solely in self defense are not appropriate for this group, and will be referred for services better suited for those individuals. A woman's appropriateness for this program will be determined during a thorough assessment process.

What it costs:

$25 flat rate for each group, individual or assessment session

Mission statement:

To create a more peaceful community by raising awareness of Domestic Violence and promoting non-violent conflict resolution.

Admission Criteria:

Successful Discharge Criteria: